Our Story

MAMAS understands that the tastes we remember most fondly are crafted at home. It's a simple philosophy that is the secret behind the best handmade, home-style meatballs in Melbourne.

When MAMA enters the kitchen the meatball is both honoured and stripped of its humble reputation, delivering a gourmet twist to an old-time home favourite.

MAMA was raised in a family that prided itself on being self-sufficient, creating delicious recipes from homegrown herbs, vegetables and the finest available meat and produce.

MAMAS MEATBALLS still use all natural ingredients, free from articial colours and preservatives, to capture the comfort and simple pleasures of enduring home recipes cooked with MAMAS heart, hands and importantly - love.

Every recipe is a surprising, mouth - watering take on the memorable meatball, using the freshest ingredients from locally sourced quality suppliers.

Our Commitment To Sustainability

At MAMAS we are constantly looking for opportunities to minimise our impact on the environment - one of the reasons we use sugar cane cups. Sugar cane fibre is natural and non-toxic plant-based renewable resource. Our cups are biodegradable within 90 days and are fully compostable.